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Online Dating Project
Research & Development Initiative

LNPServices is an exclusive name in Research & Development sector and attained 25 years of extensive experience in delivering Business-Oriented, High-Tech solutions to various industries Worldwide.
LNPServices experienced Business Consultants and Technologists are conducting research day and night for exploring new Business Opportunities and Innovative Ground Breaking Technologies in Offline and Online Market.

LNPServices professionals are second to none in following sectors:
- Business Consultancy
- Research & Development
- System Engineering
- Senior Infrastructure Management
- Senior Vendor Management over 220 Vendors
- Project Management
- Portal Solutions
- Mobile Application Solutions
- Software Development
- E-Commerce Solutions
- Marketing & Sales
- Call Center Management
- Customer Support Services
- Print Media / Electronic Media / Social Media Management

Over the last 2 years our Think-Tank was observing every single aspect of Online Dating Industry; its needs, risks, growth, potential, dependencies, opportunities, competition, market, people expectations and benefits. Therefore, after mutual understanding we come to the conclusion of launching FreemiumDating.com Portal for being a part of the next big multi-billion dollar industry in 2014.

Overview of Online Dating Concept

Ground-Breaking Dating Modules
(Exclusive to the dating industry)
Modules for memberships within the portal which will start in the United States and then expand to Canada. Add functionality for all memberships.

Powerful Portal Solution
The objectives as well as the vision is to have a world-wide roll out with a clear phase-in approach instead of being forced to phase out powerful designs and solutions due to technical issues.

With this type of business model we look to secure as well as protect our brand.

Exclusive Advertising Platform (Advertisers / Sponsors Only)
This module will allow our members to receive FreemiumDating.com only offers for being a part of our dating portal. This powerful platform will be presented with the advertiser in mind, presenting their products and services, both for the advertiser as well as the consumer.

Video Streaming / Video Chat
We will introduce our exclusive VIDEO EVERYWHERE technology. Every device, every platform will be able to view, stream and interact in our portal via HD Video.

Bronze Members - Free
Ground-Breaking Technology
No Fake Profiles Allowed

Allow a new dater to search our database of premium member profiles in text format only. A clear incentive to Upsell.

Silver Members

Silver Members
Can view Video from Gold and Platinum members, however, cannot interact until upgrading membership to Gold or Platinum package.
Chat is available for Silver Members.

Gold Members

Gold Members
Video chat enabled with the ability to communicate with all members throughout the portal, however, only Gold and Platinum members can interact and both Gold and Platinum members can speak and
be heard.
Gold Pass: Gold status will have discounts for various restaurants as well as fun dating packages from various companies that participate inside of our exclusive portal.

Platinum Members

Platinum members will have Platinum only discounts to various 3-5 Stars hotels in their respective locations based on their membership signup and communication locations.

VIP Status:For discounts concerning dining package and things to do on a date packages in prestigious locations (fun things).
Level Of Funding

We're looking for an initial investment for first round of funding

$5,000,000 - $10,000,000.


Our second round of funding will be between

$20,000,000 - $40,000,000 dollars. 


Our third round of funding will have us take a close look at an IPO as well as our expansion into the UK and or China or both.

The initial investment for first round of funding will cover the cost of Web Development / Web Design / High-End Security Modules / App Development (Mobile Solutions All Platforms) / Cyber Security Protection Modules / (License Security Solutions for Profiles and Portal). Vendor Modules that participate within our portal to guarantee protection of their brand.

Payback Period (1- Year with Interest)

Subscription Based Affordable Dating Solution, that is not available anywhere in the world.
Our Proposal For Online Dating Business

We're seeking an investor or investors as well as investment entities.

Angel Investors
Venture Capital
Private Investors
Silent Business Partners

FreemiumDating.com will have 5-15 exclusive modules that will revolutionize the online dating business.

Our concept is clear, ground-breaking, revolutionary platforms for both the advertiser as well as the dater.

Clearly evolutionize the dating space, and revolutionize the technology that runs it.

The business model for FreemiumDating.com is setup to provide a 6-12 month ROI for any investor, investors, or investment establishments.

There are some trade secrets that we will expand upon with the right investor looking to passionately be part of a billion-dollar industry with the next billion dollar player.

We thank you for your time and professional consideration.
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Procedure of Investment Funding
Terms of Return on Investment (ROI)

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